Hello Daydreamers!

I'm Sasa Bacani, that girl behind Daydream Republic. I was on my 5th year as a brand manager when I started Daydream Republic as a side hustle, and eventually making it my full time job. It isn't  because I hated my corporate life, but I wanted to fulfill a mission from a place of service and passion.

My love for home design and travel are influences I got from my parents. I grew up in a house that looks like a United Nations hub with all sorts of cultural pieces picked up from trips, and daydreams of our next travels consume our dinner talks. Being creative was always encouraged, and that's how I discovered the joy of having an inspiring space that reflects my passions and interests. 

Most days I'm hustlin' it in my new home office which also happens to be the makeup studio of my sister.  With my partner graphic artists, we are really psyched to come up with more visual reminders for our fellow dreamers and go-getters to keep us all inspired and motivated. I want Daydream Republic to be known as a home and travel brand that will help you turn your bucket list a reality.



1. Visit the following countries and fully fund the trips- Iceland/ Finland, Morocco, Bhutan and Nepal.

2. Explore more the Philippines especially Mindanao region.

3. For an international retail brand to carry Daydream Republic.

4. Get a short course on business in the US or Europe. No more MBA for me ;)

5. Figure out a business model that will let me take long vacations to fully immerse myself in the countries I'm visiting.



Experiencing to pack for a trip not knowing when I'll go back to Manila. Ended up staying in Israel for 3 months because my mom suffered from a stroke. We lost her in the battle, but in return, I gained the most important life lessons on life, family and service. That trip ultimately pushed me to make Daydream Republic my 9-5. Life is indeed short, so let's make our journey a meaningful one.


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